Tuesday, 24 January 2012

San Francisco here we come!

Ok, so tomorrow we head out to San Francisco to create art, deliver a Tech Talk at Macworld with Nomad Brush and draw at the iPad Sketch Station. We will also be around at the Nomad Brush booth [455] iPad painting, so if you are around please drop by and say hello! This is a really exciting time for us! The paintings go from strength to strength, and we are so pleased with how the collaborations are developing. We are really hoping to grind out a few more pieces over the next 6 days. We will post the fruits of our labor here! But for now here are a few of our recent works.....

 'Woven Narratives' - Stubble Trouble, Bird Eye Totem, Yarn of The Blue Elephant & The Awakening

This is how we roll :)

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